Choose the GWAS study (phenotype) of interest and visualize drug-target networks :)

NETWORK CONNECTIONS: Default drug/target connections are derived from DGIdb, Ki DB, ChEMBL, PHAROS, DSigDB.

GENE AND DRUG ASSOCIATIONS: Default drug and target associations were computed with MAGMA (-log10(p-value)) and predicted expression change with MetaXcan (z-scores). Drugs and targets are ordered by MAGMA score, with the top drugs or targets at the top of the drug or target table. MAGMA association scores can be seen by hovering over drug name or gene name. MetaXcan gene scores are shown for each tissue in the right-hand target table: green = predicted increased expression, red = predicted decreased expression.

WHICH GENES ARE SHOWN IN THE NETWORK: Only genes nominally significant for a specific phenotype (MAGMA gene-wise p-value ≤ 0.05) are selected to build the networks.

CAUTION 1: A lot of the network connections are derived from text mining approaches and are to be used with caution: the networks are no proof of association, but an indicator of possible research opportunities. For more reliable connections, select ChEMBL/KiDB bioactivities.

CAUTION 2: We have not published this yet. To use our networks in a published work, please wait for us to publish our findings first :)

expression --, expression ++, expression ++/--
antagonist/inhibitor/negative modulator, partial agonist
agonist/activator/positive modulator, modulator
undefined bioactivity